Why Your Business Absolutely Needs a Website

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Are you totally sure that your business does not require a website?

It is incredible, but in the 21st century, there are still a good number of companies and small businesses that do not have a website. According to information provided by hosting giants like GoDaddy, more than 50% of entities have not even considered launching their websites, which can be worrying, considering the era in which we live—an era where the Internet has ceased to be a luxury for the wealthy and has become a service as necessary as water and electricity.

What Exactly Are the Advantages of Having a Website?

In one of the reports carried out by GoDaddy, it is reflected that just over 48% of companies around the world have launched their respective websites. Curiously, 98% of all respondents claim to be aware of the importance of these to get more potential for their business model or marketing strategies. Although in most cases companies do not take that big leap due to money issues or lack of personnel with knowledge of website implementation, the clear thing is that there is also a certain negligence on the part of many large businessmen who, even having plenty of resources, financial means, and connections to hire the best of the best, simply have no interest in advancing beyond what they have achieved.

Overcoming Conformism

Perhaps the most frequent factor in those who, despite having what is necessary, do not launch their websites is absolute conformism, practically having rested on their laurels when seeing that they do not seem to have competitors in their field. But we must not forget that today’s world is more interconnected than ever, and there will always be a competitor in the future that will pose a real risk to our leadership as a company. Yes, this competitor will surely be armed to the teeth in terms of technologies, such as a website in good condition.

Unlocking New Possibilities

Having a website dedicated to your company or small business opens the doors to endless possibilities that you may not even be contemplating right now. Therefore, a good question would be: Why don’t you have a website if you have the resources? Wouldn’t it be great to expand your business to new horizons and stop being confined to the borders of your own region?

Professionalism and Trustworthiness

A website represents fresh air and at the same time gives a more professional look, making even the simplest of businesses have a profile on par with many large companies just by having a website (cover letter) in good condition. To this, we must add the advantages of electronic commerce that come from the implementation of these web pages, which undoubtedly represents a greater income margin.

Enhanced Customer Experience Through Ecommerce

So, having said that, we return to the question: Why don’t you dare to create your own website? After all, there are extremely economical plans that will allow you to have an elegant and functional website for very little money, without affecting your accounting cycles in any way. Nowadays, hosting services allow practically any company or business with the minimum budget to have its own website.


Ecommerce and Increased Revenue

It is a quite understandable question and one that I will be happy to answer since among the advantages that having a website gives you, we mention the following:

Give your company or business a much more professional look: Having a website makes even the simplest business look much more attractive to potential clients and investors. Let’s take as an example these days of quarantine, in which we are all confined to our homes. When you want to choose several locations for delivery service purposes, would you trust the hygiene or quality of the food in a place that doesn’t even have a website? Would you feel like a customer who is ordering quality food that meets the health standards required in times like these?

This is a way to see a little about the psychology of the consumer when choosing between receiving the services of one company or another. Of course, the example we have given is quite simple, but you can now go to other more complex scenarios where there are large sums of money involved.

Visibility and Competitiveness

Becoming More Competitive

What do you think about significantly increasing the income of your business and with less effort than you think? Something that is totally possible by integrating Ecommerce platforms into your business or company, since your customers will be able to expedite their orders and even make payments directly via credit/debit card.

These payment platforms fall on the websites, so if you have one and have not thought about implementing Ecommerce tools, perhaps this is a good time to start and see how your company greatly maximizes its income capacity in a short time. Wouldn’t it be much more comfortable for you if in these times of confinement, your customers don’t have to leave their homes to purchase your products? With a good website using Ecommerce platforms and, of course, good delivery, you could automate your sales with the lowest risk of contagion.

Visibility on Google

Friend, you need to be visible on Google: Do you think it would be possible for your business or company to become an international franchise without having a website? Well, we are sorry to tell you that without a website that makes you appear in Google results, that is totally impossible. The importance of having a website that makes you appear in Google searches is such that Digital Marketing experts say the following: “If a website does not appear in Google results, it is because it does not exist.”

Therefore, it is vital that, if you aspire to achieve much higher success rates and open up to international markets, you get your act together and decide to start with the website of your company or business. As we have said, even businesses with the smallest budget can venture into the exciting world of websites, with sloppiness and lack of ambition being your only obstacle.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Affordable and Effective Marketing

You will spend less on advertising with better results: If you are still one of those who believe that advertising via television or newspaper is ideal, let me tell you with complete frankness that you are wrong. Nowadays, most of the world’s population is connected, either by visiting websites of interest or communicating through social networks, so a winning combination is to work together with these two.

A website accompanied by a profile on social networks will allow you to carry out Digital Marketing campaigns at costs much lower than what you are used to paying through traditional media. Who wouldn’t like to attract more customers at a much lower cost? So far, I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t want it.

So, do you still think you don’t need a website? With very affordable prices, you can quickly make your company or small business enter a world of better income, global expansion, true recognition, and absolute visibility, so why not have your own website? Which of the reasons stated above is the one that slows down your capacity for innovation and desire to improve?

With these two questions, we say goodbye and, as always, thank you very much for having been with us until the end of this article. We hope that the information shown here serves to change your focus starting today and encourage you to experience these and other great benefits of having a website.

Humberto Hernandez

June 16, 2020

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