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With the tremendous boom that social networks have experienced in recent years, many are beginning to question whether websites, as we know them, still add value to various digital marketing strategies. It’s a fact that social networks attract most of the attention nowadays, often being the sole platforms used by both large and small companies to promote their products.

Considering that social networks provide a highly effective and cost-efficient way to reach millions of people worldwide, it seems that websites have fallen behind compared to the advantages these popular platforms offer. But are websites really so obsolete compared to social networks today?

In this article, we will review the advantages of both websites and social networks to reach a well-informed conclusion after examining several important points.

Advantages of Social Networks

To understand why the popular belief has emerged that social networks have rendered websites “useless,” it’s essential to explain some of the many advantages they offer to those who want to maximize their potential in digital marketing.

Some benefits of social networks include:

  • Fast communication between the company and its clients, as users do not need to go through any corporate filter to share their opinions.
  • The ability to reach many people without investing large amounts of money in advertising.
  • Facilitating the process of attracting new talent, with LinkedIn being a clear example.
  • Allowing the public to focus entirely on specific content at a given moment.
  • Platforms like Twitter enable instant information sharing through “citizen journalism.”
  • Companies can occasionally adopt a less serious tone on social networks, which helps them respond more dynamically to important events.
  • Social networks are perfect for pilot-testing a digital marketing strategy to gauge its effectiveness.

As we can see, social networks have become an ideal way for companies to communicate quickly and directly with their customers. However, this requires a skilled person to manage these functions responsibly, as a Community Manager (who handles company profiles on social networks) becomes the brand’s official presence.

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Advantages of Having a Website

While many might think that websites are obsolete and should be left in the past, there are several advantages to having a website today:

  • A website increases visibility, allowing the company to appear in Google search results, which is challenging to achieve with just a social network profile.
  • A website gives the company or small business total credibility with consumers. Would you trust making any transaction with a store or restaurant that does not have a website?
  • Websites enable a wide range of actions that cannot be carried out solely through social network profiles, especially due to usage policy restrictions.
  • A well-designed website serves as an excellent introduction to potential clients and investors.
  • Websites allow for the publication of longer messages while maintaining their elegance, avoiding the “infinite scroll” issue of social networks.
  • Behind every link or click, there must be a website. Otherwise, where would the click lead?
  • A good website can host a large amount of content that can be downloaded by millions of users worldwide in an organized and detailed manner.
  • Websites support the implementation of certain technologies that are impossible to execute on social network profiles, such as Netflix, Spotify, and Steam.

In essence, websites play as crucial a role as social networks; in fact, both work in perfect synergy. Social networks cannot exist without websites, and websites benefit greatly from social networks.

Websites: A Necessary Investment

The best conclusion we can reach regarding websites today is that far from being an unnecessary expense, they are a vital investment for small and large brands wishing to have a digital space that truly represents them. The freedom in customization that websites offer (such as colors, menu positions, animation effects) is unmatched by social network profiles.

While social networks are undeniably important for brand promotion, a well-designed, professional website with smooth functionality can greatly enhance client loyalty, even among those with high purchasing power.

We hope this article has clarified the importance of having a website that represents your brand today. As always, we appreciate your attention, and we’ll see you next time.

Humberto Hernandez

May 30, 2020

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