Learn the Reasons to Use Animated Videos for Your Company’s Marketing

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Animated videos are becoming increasingly important in developing your company’s digital marketing strategy. In the era of digitalization, a corporate video is considered a tool to distinguish between the classic and the evolving ways you want to promote your project. From the corporate conception of the company, you can create animated videos to inform, promote, and, best of all, personalize them, leaving a wide margin to give free rein to the imagination.

Currently, we quite frequently see advertisements and promotions made with short animated videos on different social networks. Without a doubt, knowing the number of subscribers who live there awakens in us the intention of wanting to promote our business model. Animated videos have advanced so much that there are numerous uses not only to advertise products or services but also to connect with the public through stories, thus showing the human side of corporations.

Therefore, today we want to share with you the importance of having an animated video for your company, what types of videos there are, and the characteristics that good corporate videos have.

Brand Recognition Corporate Video for The Cubeworks: A leading talent agency in the Building Automation System industry.

Types of Animated Videos

There is a great diversity of animated videos for companies. Today, we want to emphasize the most used types:

1 – Corporate Videos

Animated corporate videos are used with the intention of identifying the company, providing a summary description of its functions, mission, vision, values, ideas, and fundamental concepts. This dynamic presentation makes your company known in the most effective way, offering that crucial first impression to the public.

2 – Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are designed to facilitate any sales process by highlighting all the benefits of the product, such as its features and advantages. These videos can be customized to adapt their content specifically for social networks.

3 – Informative Videos

Informative videos guide users on the necessary steps to execute an action. These may be related to the purchase process on a page or simply to guide users in the subscription process to a website.

Importance of Having an Animated Videos for Your Company

Animated videos are gaining consumer preference. By watching them, there is a better chance of keeping people engaged until the end, which increases the time spent on your website and improves your metrics, especially if you are considering monetizing it.

Their dynamic content helps attract more organic traffic to your site, gaining visibility on the web and improving the user experience.

They offer you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competition and lead with innovative ideas.

Videos help in SEO positioning because Google bots identify this resource as important for understanding by the entire public.

Advantages of Animated Videos for Your Company

  • Script adjusted to your needs
  • Cost-effective compared to production videos
  • Graphics can overcome language barriers
  • They can be easily shared on networks to reach a wider audience

Despite being a long-standing resource, videos have adapted to changes and remained at the forefront, changing only in form and usage.

Humberto Hernandez

February 2, 2021

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