Important aspects to take into account before designing your e-commerce


We welcome you to another article from Abi Visualization, your experts in everything related to digital marketing and those techniques and technology that are trending in the industry. Over the years, e-commerce has become one of the most important business models today and the one that undoubtedly leaves more profits for companies, since we only have to take the example of Amazon, which today is one of the most powerful companies in the world and of course, all thanks to the fact that they have established a solid e-commerce model that has transcended over time.

Nothing is impossible in this life, and you can also start with small steps until you become a giant in the e-commerce industry, but let’s ask Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, who started his business selling only books and with a crooked table. And unstable. What we are trying to say with this is that with effort and dedication, anything is possible, which is why we have created this content with the important aspects to take into account before designing your e-commerce.

Take these aspects into account before setting up your e-commerce model.

There are many important aspects to take into account before designing your e-commerce, which may vary depending on the type of online store that we are going to set up and the audience to which it is directed. Even so, we have listed the following aspects that can be used in all cases so that you can get an excellent start in this business.

Study your competition in depth

Studying the movements and style of competitors who are already well established in the market is of utmost importance, since this way you will be able to understand their strengths and weaknesses. This will help you plan better and know what priorities to take into account before starting your online store.

Through this study, it is even possible to make your online store stand out with a brand image and proposals that other competitors do not have. Take as much time as possible for this, as it can be the difference between a strong start or a weak one.


Establish what the philosophy and image will be for your store or company.

Making clear what the brand image and philosophy on which your e-commerce will be based is vital because these two elements will be responsible for attracting the type of audience you want to target. The philosophy must be coherent and sustainable from the beginning to avoid sudden changes that could affect the reputation of your online store or company in the future.

The same applies to the brand image, which has to be synchronized with the purpose and philosophy of your e-commerce.

Your SEO strategy cannot be missing.

Whether you are going to set up a solely online store or an established company, SEO work cannot be missing in either case, and the reason for this is quite simple: Google is everything nowadays. Those companies or e-commerce projects that do not even appear in Google searches may be considered non-existent, since this is the main search engine in the world and where all companies or online stores will be able to attract the majority of their customers.

Some practices that can help increase your positioning are writing blog articles, paying to appear in Google Ads, using plugins specialized in SEO positioning, in short, there are endless practices that will make your e-commerce appear. In the first Google results without problem.

Don’t go over budget

It is important to establish what your financial capacity is before setting up your e-commerce, since this is one of the main reasons why many projects get stuck halfway. Knowing what your financial limits are will help you establish simple initial goals and help the entire process evolve in a more organic and stable way.

However, exceed your motivations

Behind every business there is the need to obtain benefits, that is something clear and with which we are not going to deceive ourselves, but, however, we recommend that you always have sights beyond setting up your e-commerce with the purpose of earning money and pursuing other extra objectives that may also be rewarding for you.

Let’s think about industry giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft or eBay. Do you think they would have gotten to what they are today with the sole thought of making money?

As always, it has been a pleasure for us to keep you well-informed about trends in the world of marketing and other important tips to ensure success. Thank you very much for your attention, and don’t forget to visit our other blog articles.

Humberto Hernandez

February 10, 2021

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